Let’s Talk Sex! Err… Sexual Orientation that is…

After coming out as a trans woman some people assume I’m heterosexual now.  I guess it makes sense since we do live in a heteronormative society but it’s still a bit frustrating for people to assume that. Doing so implies my feelings for any past partners who were women were lies… That’s just an awful […]

So I made some New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been at least 10 years since I remember making any New Year’s Resolutions, I’m not exactly sure why I decided to bother with them all of a sudden but I do. So here’s my resolutions for 2015: I will have a smooth face This has always been kinda big thing for me in the […]

2 months down, a lifetime to go!

I’ve been on hormones just over 2 months now and there have been more changes 🙂 Some good, some odd, and some painful… The Good Hair growth has slowed down noticeably, when it comes to my legs I can now get away with going 3-4 days before it gets prickly. Chest, stomach, and arm hair […]

Hormone Monthaversary

Today marks one month since I started taking hormones.  Pretty small step in the grand scheme of things but a big step here and now, in all my researching I rarely found all that much info on progress, I mean there were several videos that would show progress but few detailed descriptions.  For the first […]