I’ve Begun Hormones!

I got my bloodwork done a little over 2 weeks ago and yesterday I had my follow up to go over the results and hopefully start my Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  As we went over them nothing of much notice came up other than I have higher than normal testosterone levels.  All that really meant was I’d be put on T-Blockers sooner than later.  We went over methods of taking hormones, the two presented being orally and injections, I mentioned I’m not a fan of needles but I saw this as the perfect opportunity to face my fear.  If beginning the road to becoming who I really am wasn’t enough to get over my fear did I really want it that badly?  The doc agreed with my logic and went with injections when I left the office.  I was told the prescription would get sent over today or early tomorrow, I was hopeful it would be the same day but a bit sad when I called the Pharmacy later on and found out there wasn’t a prescription filed yet.  I got a text a few hours later saying it was ready, yay I didn’t have to wait another day!  When I went to get the prescription I got pills and again I was a bit confused but I figured I must have misunderstood and the doc took my comments about needles the wrong way.  So I got Finasteride, Spironolact, and Estradiol, on a side note I just don’t get why drug names have to be so hard to pronounce.

The next day I got a follow up call from the doc’s office and was informed my prescription should be waiting (hehe already got it) however they had to do pills instead of injections as the Pharmacy was out of injections.  So I was relieved that I was wrong and the doc and I were on the same page about injections, but I’ll have to wait 30 days before I get another chance to start on injections. I’m excited to see how things progress and a bit nervous as I’ve never been one who’s been good about following dosage requirements granted up until now I’ve only ever taken cold/flu or pain medications.

I’m overall hopeful that hormones will be the “magic” to take care of everything when it comes to looking womanly and my transition won’t be as pricey. At the same time I’m keeping the real possibility of needing surgery to get to the point I want to be at, granted I’m not exactly sure what that point is beyond a girl who could pull off a pin-up look which doesn’t define much as I believe any girl can do that hehe.

Here’s to the new me!

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