I thought I’d specifically talk about this because it’s one of the things that I really didn’t learn much about in all my researching… Maybe it’s taken for granted and I should have assumed it was a part of the package…  In any case I thought I’d talk about it  a bit.

It’s funny that I didn’t sort of expect this considering breast sensitivity was my  realization trigger so to speak. When I started hormone replacement therapy a little over 8 months ago I had no idea what was in store even after quite a bit of research to be honest.  It’s a sharp piercing pain almost like a stabbing pain that stays there for a time depending on how much force was involved. From what I had read getting hit in a breast was akin to getting hit in the groin, which to me is more of a strong spreading pain similar to getting punched.

There’s been quiet a few times when playing with my kids that it has led to me turning away in pain, tearing up from the amount of pain.  Breasts are new to me and I’m quite clumsy with them as such at this point I can’t foresee ever not wearing a padded bra when possible just for the extra layer of protection.

The good is that the sensitivity comes and goes, it isn’t a constant pain.  So there’s that and well the notion that the sensitivity and subtle pain is a sign of breast growth which is at least a bit comforting hehe.

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