Today marks one month since I started taking hormones.  Pretty small step in the grand scheme of things but a big step here and now, in all my researching I rarely found all that much info on progress, I mean there were several videos that would show progress but few detailed descriptions.  For the first month I was taking; Finasteride, Spironolact, and Estradiol, due to having higher than normal testosterone. So here’s what I’ve experienced so far:

  • Boob growth – Massive!
  • Facial softening/fat repositioning – Done, I totally have a fem face!
  • Body fat redistribution – Rockin’ hour glass figure, mine!

Okay a bit sarcastic but hopefully it gets the point across that none of that would happen in a month at least not to a significant degree.  So let’s break it down into section I’ve noticed and/or was curious when I first started researching the effects of hormones and transitioning around the age of 30.


I’m starting with this because it has been the biggest change.  I was always a bit more emotional than most people or at least the people I’ve been surrounded by my life up until now, I’m not even more so sensitive to things.  Things that in the past wouldn’t trigger a sadness or a need to cry, something I should note, it isn’t a constant sadness just that things I find sad on a personal level are now much more sad if that makes sense…

Now you’re probably expecting me to say the same is true about things that make me happy, and well it kind of is though I don’t think it’s because of the hormones.  What I’m talking about is doing things that progress me further in my transition, hormones, looking at clothes as I adjust my collection of outfits, even figuring out my fashion style, or figuring out my make up look, all of these things make me happy.  That said I think this stems from the fact (hormones aside) these things in the past were short escapes if you will, but now they aren’t escapes they’re a progress, there’s a point to doing these things.  So I think that is what is making these activities happier times than in the past.

That said I have noticed everything I do is on an overall “better” feeling.  I’m not sure if that makes sense but now anything good that happens such as figuring out a problem in code somewhere or fixing an issue with a computer it’s a better feeling of accomplishment.  Even the bad stuff feels less bad than it did in the past.  It’s like nothing is as bad or as good as it once was, it’s all gotten better.  Might be the hormone change or the fact I’m no longer living a lie (sort of) but in any case this is what I’ve noticed to be the biggest benefit so far and I have to say it’s freaking amazing.  I hope I’m not special when it comes to this bit of progress because being to make everything feel better, good or bad is quite amazing in my opinion.

Boob (Breast) Growth

Courtesy of reddit/imgur.

Yes I say boobs, I don’t know I like the sound better to saying breasts, it’s like how moist really gets to some people I guess.  Boobs, breasts, ta-tas, tits, etc.  whatever you want to call them, my wife insists there has been some growth.  I laugh and say it’s probably not growth just retention now that I’ve improved my diet if anything at all. As I said if there was any change it’s likely a benefit to being overweight before I began hormones and changing my diet as well as exercising (cardio) after starting hormones.  That said I’m not keeping a running log on breast size mainly because I could see the user error in measuring becoming a stressor.

That said I was curious so I put on one of my tank tops that is snug and used to fit flat against my chest… There’s a very slight gap now!  Haha, okay I admit that’s not very technical in anyway shape or form as there are many factors that could have caused that to happen which have nothing to do with boob growth.  So yeah don’t get your hopes up girls, this is one of those things that’ll be a slow and steady wins the boob race.

Although I wonder if my wife is right and my logical reasons/justifications are wrong how big will they get… Haha well here’s hoping to big enough I no longer see breast implants as necessary.

Facial Changes

I noticed actually a bit back (I think the second week) that the softening or fat redistribution seemed to have started.  No I don’t already have a feminine looking face but my defined masculine features were less prominent than in the past.  Definitely a welcome change and I’m hoping it keeps going.  I’m hoping it kicks up and even gets rid of my acne scares but I might be hoping for a bit too much there and will likely have to fall back on facial resurfacing.

Facial hair growth has slowed down, this feels like a catch 22 sort of thing, see I’m getting laser hair removal done or rather I have been.  When I started (a little before hormones) I was noticing hair reduction more easily, now it slowed down to the point I began to think laser wasn’t working even in spots I didn’t have light hairs. That caused me to start electrolysis for my face thinking that laser wasn’t going to work despite being a “good candidate” for laser.  I decided to have the electrologist move around instead of just focusing on the white hairs, upon doing so she found after 9-10 weeks

Body Changes

So there have been 2 changes of notice besides slower hair growth.  The first is the need to pee, I thought at first maybe this was a by product of my diet change and the increased water intake that just coincidentally matched up with starting hormones.  So I cut back for a day on the amount of water I was intaking to test this theory and I was wrong… So for those who’re starting hormones make sure you remain well hydrated as you could have issues if you  don’t and end up being like me with the drastically increased need to pee (I’m talking almost a 300-400% increase daily in my case).  So yeah stay hydrated!

The second being the distribution of fat around my waist.  Now unfortunately there’s factors in here that can be skewing this so I’m honestly not certain how much of it is hormone related. I’ve noticed that my stomach doesn’t sit out as far as it used to also my muffin top curve has gotten a lot more subtle, not sure if that description makes sense but my belly used to naturally come out almost at a 90 degree angle from where my pants would sit.  Now it’s a subtle curve and also less extreme.  As I mentioned I’m not certain if this is directly related to the hormones because I’ve been changing my diet as well as becoming more consistent with my corset waist training both of which could legitimately be contributing factors. Although the corset didn’t help with the muffin top in the past so I have my doubts, maybe it’s a combination of the 3 things at work here.

While the hair on my face and body seem to have slowed down the hair on my head seems to be growing just fine.  I also noticed a reduction in dandruff and my hair doesn’t get as greasy as it used to get.  The greasiness might be arguably contributed to the changing to a shampoo and conditioner instead of a 2 in 1 but the dandruff is still unaccounted for as the shampoo and conditioner I use now isn’t stuff for flakey hair/dandruff.

The last thing I noticed is probably my second favorite thing to come about so far, that is reduced body odor, not just when getting overly sweaty but just casual things, I can get away with not wearing deodorant and not smelling by the middle of the day and even forgoing socks hasn’t been a horrid after-stench.  That said I don’t do either of these often as they’re both 2 areas I can safely get away with “women” versions of each respectively.


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