Growing up there are four favorites I can recall that were my comfort foods.  The one that’s remained near the top thus far has been Spaghetti with sunny side up eggs.  It’s funny looking back at what is in essence such a simple meal to make but it just makes me remember fond memories of my mom making it for me.

All it takes to make is spaghetti noodles thin or regular, brand was never big in this aspect, Ragu meat sauce, ground beef, and of course one or two eggs.  I’ve even found this at restaurants a few times but it isn’t the same when they make it.  I’ve found it has to be made by my mom or myself to have that nostalgic feel that makes it special.  Although I have adapted my own twists to the recipe if you will granted not that much has changed… Instead of ground beet I use ground turkey and sometimes if I’m looking for a kick I’ll also add a few pinches of cayenne pepper.

Oh and if you’re wondering what the other 3 dishes are:

  • Rice, hot dog, and sunny side up eggs.  I don’t know how true in terms of my age but this is the first meal I learned to cook and was helping my mom make it since 2 or 3 as the story goes… It does have an additional story I was old enough to remember.  This dish reminds me of one time my older sister was left to babysit me it was dinner time and I had to have this but she didn’t know how to make the eggs so I had to show her how to make them.
  • Rice, black beans, and hot dog.  I’m not really sure how the beans came to be a popular item for me but it’s been there for a long time.  I do change it up sometimes adding cheese or ketchup (yes ketchup).  Hmm… although maybe next time I’ll try mixing in some Devil’s Spit…
  • Charquican a Chilean dish that’s typically a stew. Although when my mom makes it there isn’t as much of a stew feel it’s more of something between stew and chunky mashed potatoes consistency.  This is the one dish I have yet to attempt to make on my own.

There are the four dishes that bring me back to being in the kitchen with my mom growing up.  It’s funny to this day I’m the only one who doesn’t get yelled at when I’m in the kitchen helping my mom.

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