I figured anime conventions where cosplay is common and thus far my experiences have been overall welcoming when it comes to skill and choice of cosplay regardless of race/sex/gender/etc. would be a safe place to go out for the first time as a woman.  I went with Celty Sturluson as I felt it was overall fairly easy to make and well I could cover up my masculine features fairly well. Originally I had planned to go to Anime Expo so I was taking my time with the costume but something came up and that was out of the question. Which is when Otakon Vegas came in as it was happening at a time (January 3-5) I was able to go however that meant I had to rush a bit to finish the costume.  Thankfully there were plenty of tutorials on how to make Celty Sturluson’s Helmet and they helped me come up with my variation.  On top of being a fairly easy cosplay and hiding things I like the character in the anime at least thus far I mean she’s a bit sheepish at times, cares about people, and a badass should the time arise.

Celty’s Helmet

I went about making the helmet by buying a cheap helmet online, TMS from amazon.  I sanded down all the helmet to get rid of the finishing coat so the paint would stick better.  The ears were made by cutting out and shaping some chicken wire then attempting to layer paper mache but after 3 days it hadn’t dried.  I pulled off the paper mache and instead used bondo to coat the chicken wire.

Celty’s Outfit

The outfit on the outside was fairly straight forward, I just bought a shiny black catsuit off ebay.  Which despite being within my measurements was very snug, also the chest area had very little extra room.  I found that odd since I purchased a woman’s catsuit I expected some extra room for well woman’s breasts.  I was wrong to expect that so my original idea for fake breasts just wasn’t holding up to the pressure, I opted to go with foam breast forms hoping they’d be more rigid.  Thankfully they held up except now I had rather large cleavage… granted that’s not out of place for anime characters. I pondered if it was too much but I didn’t have time to make changes now and considering the size of my rib cage they weren’t that big I guess.

Under the cat suit I also wore a corset (the CS-411 from Orchard Corset) to help with the lack of curves or rather the curves going in the wrong direction haha.  The curvature was enough to squish things into a more flattering shape and helped create hips so I didn’t need to use my makeshift hip/butt pads.  A bit of a tangent but if anyone is interested  the 411 is a good corset to get you into waist training if you’re contemplating that.  Being that the hour glass figure is a staple in pin-up which happens to be something I love it was a no brainer for me.  Although I will say their 305 is much subtler silhouette which makes that even easier to break into adding corsets into your wardrobe if you’re interested.

Anyway back to the costume! As to the bottom half I used a gaff, pair of boy short panties and 2 pairs of panty hose to hold everything in place.  Everything went on in that order, and it’s funny after I got all that on I thought I would be hot walking around since it was hot in the house, I was wrong hehe.  While it didn’t keep me warm it definitely made sure to not only keep my junk tucked away it smoothed out any lumps I had and helped with the gap of the corset as I didn’t have the hip radius to fill in the corset.

The boots I ended up finding a cheap pair of motorcycle looking boots at Walmart.  Nothing special here I just got what was cheap as my initial idea of going with some boots with high heels was out the door as I’m still working on walking in them and while sexy (in my opinion at least) they weren’t accurate nor functional from a rider’s perspective.

Here’s pictures of my Celty Sturluson Cosplay:

Thoughts Afterward

There were a few things that surprised me about choosing Celty Sturluson cosplay.  The cosplay was a lot colder than I thought it would be given the amount of layers of clothes involved.  Also despite being completely covered up I felt very naked or exposed.  Despite those issues I had a lot of fun and I even got a few stares which I took as a win for pulling off the cosplay.  I’m sure eventually I’ll probably find the stares degrading but that weekend was not that day.  I really enjoyed watching the security guard that stared at me the whole time as he walked by my friend and I while we were taking a break.

I don’t plan on retiring this cosplay although I do hope to reduce the amount of clothes needed to pull it off at some point 😀

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