Saw Runner Version 1.0 is Up

Saw Runner is an infinite runner where you are a soldier trying to stay alive by dodging or destroying the saws.  That’s the infinite runner that I had previously posted about a few days ago. Here’s the splash/title screen: I think it turned out rather well considering the general ease involved in creating the game.  […]

Game Development – Simple Infinite Runner

I’ve been dabbling in the notion of getting back into Game Development at least on an indie scale.  The tricky part is thinking indie scale instead of big dev house scale.  As such I figured an infinite runner was a good place to start. Another tricky part is ways to save time, which had me […]

Paintball and pressures to be extra “feminine”

Over the past weekend while most were focused on watching the game I went with some friends to try out paintball.  Stereotypically not a “womanly” or “feminine” sport, I couldn’t even find gear for women so it’s definitely not a stereotype that was outdated when I researched the hobby.  That said I was pleasantly surprised […]

Silhouette Vinyl Decal and Snowboarding

I love Alice in Wonderland and ended up coming up with an idea for a vinyl decal of the Cheshire Cat with the quote “We’re all mad here”. I found a silhouette of the Cheshire Cat online that looked like what I wanted, I cleaned it up a bit to work with the Silhouette better […]

Celty Sturluson Cosplay for Otakon Vegas 2014

I figured anime conventions where cosplay is common and thus far my experiences have been overall welcoming when it comes to skill and choice of cosplay regardless of race/sex/gender/etc. would be a safe place to go out for the first time as a woman.  I went with Celty Sturluson as I felt it was overall fairly […]