Despite being “older” when I started transitioning I’ve already begun to experience noticeable breast growth…I’ve hit an A cup size in just under 4 months! 38A to be a bit more precise.

A few things to preface this post before I get a girl’s hopes up, when it comes to breast growth everything I’ve read genetics plays a huge factor.  Another factor that is fairly huge and applies to myself is I’m slightly overweight.  For context based on a bunch of different bra size calculators I started out as a 40AA.  The last factor that has likely contributed is that I’m waist training with steel boned corsets.  At the time of starting hormones had just managed to comfortably close a 34″ corset from a natural waist line of 40″.  In those 3ish months I’ve gone down to closing a 32″ corset with a natural un-cintched waist line of 38″, so there’s been a permanent reduction of 2″ in my waist as well.  To be fair I’ve also changed my dieting habits as well as upped the amount of exercising I’m doing so it’s not like corsets are the 1 stop solution.

I’m sure at this point the thought of will there be boob pics or not has crossed your mind… I debated for a while on whether or not I would post these but I figured it could be helpful to others out there and it would give me some sort of way to track progress.  Sorry I don’t have before pics so these will have to do:


Sorry I didn’t think to take a side type of shot for the blue training bra that was sized at L/XL while the pink/rose color bra is a 38A. I hope these give you an idea beyond just saying “I’m a 38A now” and also to see what’s can happen with hormones, dieting, and waist training as a 30 year old trans woman.

Anyway enough about that, my bra size is now 38A and I fill the one I was able to find in that size rather well (yay!), I can’t wait to see where this goes I’m curious if the growth will keep up in pace or slow down now as I noticed I have a lot less fat around my lower ribs than I did before and well I want to say in my family C was the norm so I’ll hopefully get to a B size but I can’t be certain as well I haven’t asked yet… Seems like an awkward question to bring up to my mom.

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