Awesome Sunday was Awesome

So this past Sunday was filled with a lot of awesome things such as paintballing I wrote about already and well some shopping and my oldest impressing me.  After I finished a few games of paintball the family and I moved on to shopping for some reason my wife was in the mood to stop by Kmart, possibly because we drove past one to get to the paintball place.

crazy-kmart-clearance-scoreI was happy she picked that, well we both were as we scored a lot of stuff hehe.  I’m set when it comes to tops for next fall/winter which would be after I plan on coming out and presenting full time.  Everything I got was $4 or less I mean how could I not take advantage!?

I also picked up a scarf and a cute hat which were $2 and $3 respectively. So yeah all in all quite the great haul, I can’t wait to play dress up and come up with outfits and ideas hehe.  Granted the bottoms will always be jeans for now at least I might expand into the dress pants for women eventually as being in IT having to crawl around or climb up is in the job description and I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that in a skirt or dress.

After shopping we went to have lunch and while we were eating my oldest said spontaneously “you girls, us boys” when talking to my wife and I.

I questioned “Oh really!?” as I was caught off guard by the comment.

Very matter of fact he responds “Yeah, me and baby boys, you and moma girls”.  I couldn’t help but smile my wife make some comment about how I must be loving that and I truly was.  I mean once and merely in passing when he said I was a boy and I had corrected him saying I was a girl.  That was it, that was all it took… There’s just something about how easy it is for kids to adapt and learn and grow that well I wish we didn’t lose (or maybe it’s more of have destroyed?) as we grow up.

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