Silhouette Vinyl Decal and Snowboarding

I love Alice in Wonderland and ended up coming up with an idea for a vinyl decal of the Cheshire Cat with the quote “We’re all mad here”. I found a silhouette of the Cheshire Cat online that looked like what I wanted, I cleaned it up a bit to work with the Silhouette better […]

So I made some New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been at least 10 years since I remember making any New Year’s Resolutions, I’m not exactly sure why I decided to bother with them all of a sudden but I do. So here’s my resolutions for 2015: I will have a smooth face This has always been kinda big thing for me in the […]

Breast growth 4 months on hormones

Despite being “older” when I started transitioning I’ve already begun to experience noticeable breast growth…I’ve hit an A cup size in just under 4 months! 38A to be a bit more precise. A few things to preface this post before I get a girl’s hopes up, when it comes to breast growth everything I’ve read […]

2 months down, a lifetime to go!

I’ve been on hormones just over 2 months now and there have been more changes 🙂 Some good, some odd, and some painful… The Good Hair growth has slowed down noticeably, when it comes to my legs I can now get away with going 3-4 days before it gets prickly. Chest, stomach, and arm hair […]

The appeal of selfies finally applies to me!

I’ve always loved selfies or at least what they conveyed to me, which was in that moment the person sees how beautiful they are and wants to share it with others.  What a magical moment that is to share, I mean in a world where we’re constantly told we’ll never look good enough the person taking the […]