Saw Runner Version 1.0 is Up

Saw Runner is an infinite runner where you are a soldier trying to stay alive by dodging or destroying the saws.  That’s the infinite runner that I had previously posted about a few days ago. Here’s the splash/title screen: I think it turned out rather well considering the general ease involved in creating the game.  […]

Game Development – Simple Infinite Runner

I’ve been dabbling in the notion of getting back into Game Development at least on an indie scale.  The tricky part is thinking indie scale instead of big dev house scale.  As such I figured an infinite runner was a good place to start. Another tricky part is ways to save time, which had me […]

Voice Training and Recording My Progress

So I started recording my voice training.  I wanted to be able to track my progress in some way and also I was curious to see how I sounded as until doing so I was just working with a spectrogram and not recording anything. Probably the hardest thing about practicing my voice has been coming […]

Follow up on website/blog changes

I began to realize that I was spending a lot of time trying to come up with the redesign and it was starting to eat up time I would rather spend elsewhere.  As such I’ve decided to shelve the notion and use one of the “stock” themes the WordPress team has already made.  While I […]

Paintball and pressures to be extra “feminine”

Over the past weekend while most were focused on watching the game I went with some friends to try out paintball.  Stereotypically not a “womanly” or “feminine” sport, I couldn’t even find gear for women so it’s definitely not a stereotype that was outdated when I researched the hobby.  That said I was pleasantly surprised […]