About Quiet Liz

What will you find here?

Hi I’m Liz, or Elizabeth if you’d like to be a bit more formal.  What you’ll find here is my blog about my life, specifically things related to my transition, some of my hobbies (game development, programming, doodling, writing, snowboarding, paintballing, to name a few), and the occasional random thoughts or tangents which is pretty much a catchall if you will.  I try to keep the blog focused on transition related things but as time goes on I’ve begun to discover many other aspects of my life have or do affect my transition and I want people to know there’s more to me than just being a trans woman.

Why Quiet Liz?

Now you know where the “Liz” comes from in Quiet Liz. The other half is the part that could be a bit misleading, so to clarify the “Quiet” part is about the fact that  I’ve spent my life until recently keeping quiet about a secret that has been eating away at me. That secret is that I am a trans woman, we are taught that keeping quiet about our feelings that don’t follow society’s definition is how things are done so for many years I kept this secret. I recently decided I wasn’t going to keep my secret anymore and live the life I’ve been denying myself for so long.  I began my road down transitioning into a woman at the age of 30.  I have a long and potentially expensive road ahead of me, but so far the journey has been  refreshing and liberating.

A list of random facts:

  1. I love tacos. Take that any way you like 😉
    1. Although I’d say probably street style asada is my favorite variety granted chicken (not shredded) or al pastor aren’t too far behind.
  2. I have 2 kids
  3. I speak 2 languages fluently
  4. I can read/write in at least 7 languages
  5. I’ve lived in 3 states in the United States so far
  6. My favorite flowers are violets and roses
  7. Favorite color is purple (hence the website color scheme)
  8. I was born and raised Catholic, that said I’m not religious
  9. I don’t know why but I get joy from pleasing people
  10. Despite my progress in the “IT professional world” I feel I’d be happier being a house wife… probably something to do with number 9
  11. I drink alcohol
  12. I don’t smoke
  13. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to energy drinks
  14. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada
  15. My paintball marker of choice is mag fed pistol