I figure since my life is currently at some sort of a stable routine I’d write about what a typical day looks like for me.

My day starts with an alarm going off telling me it’s time to get up for work.  An unwelcome alarm to say the least but it has some perks I guess…  It’s set earlier so I can snooze or what I generally do is roll over and nudge my girlfriend for some morning cuddles.  I lay there in her arms pressing the snooze a few times as I’d rather fall back asleep in her arms than get up and go to work.

I reluctantly get up after a half hour or so of cuddles, it isn’t that I dislike what I do for work, I mean it’s IT work and programming so what’s not to love? Okay maybe there is a bad thing I can think of, I do get tired of asking, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” but besides that it’s fun!  The reason is that it’s been 6 months since I wrote my coming out letter at work and I’m still going to work dressed as a guy and spending the whole day being addressed by my birth name…

This entails it’s own routine, first I put on a fitted shirt or tank so that I can push down my breasts enough so they don’t look as obvious (I guess one “appealing” aspect of not having the genes to grow big boobs fast is a plus here), and then put on a button up shirt over that, generally one to two sizes bigger than I wear just so it’s baggy enough to hide any curves the fitted shirt fails to hide.  I put on one of the two loose jeans I still own that are a size or two bigger than I need so that they’re baggy enough to look the part as wearing some of my skinny jeans began to raise comments… Which I don’t even get as they didn’t even have any cute designs.  I pull my hair back into a low sitting pony tail and put on my slip on vans. I get to work sit at my desk and hope I can focus on my work to overcome the fact I’m still pretending to be a guy.  Not that work is even able to distract me from that notion at this point.

The day goes by and it’s time to leave. I sit in my car for a moment fighting the urge to cry as I let down my hair and brush it out a bit before I rush home to change. Off goes the baggy jeans and dress shirt, off goes the fitted shirt/tank and my boobs are free, well for a brief moment as I put on my bra and then pick out an outfit.  From here I go out and run any errands I need to run finally feeling comfortable in my appearance.  I come back home and prepare dinner for my girlfriend and I as I wait for her to get home.  Well sometimes I just finish up a few things it all depends on the meal of the day.  Either way it ends up being a lot of fun cooking as she loves my cooking (well like 99% of the time hehe I am still experimenting with recipes).

Once we’re done eating we cuddle up on the couch if we’re in the mood to watch something or hop on our computers and play Minecraft (well that’s our current game of choice).  Or we go out to the park, or hang out with friends, or out to the stores…. Hmm, okay maybe this part varies quite a bit, but once we’re done with our after dinner activities we get ready for bed and I usually end up passing out snuggled up in her arms.

That’s a fairly average day for me as I live my life… I hope the part about having to pretend to be a guy ends soon as it’s quite painful…

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