2 months down, a lifetime to go!

I’ve been on hormones just over 2 months now and there have been more changes ūüôā Some good, some odd, and some painful…

The Good

Hair growth has slowed down noticeably, when it comes to my legs I can now get away with going 3-4 days before it gets prickly. Chest, stomach, and arm hair has slowed quite a bit I can go a week before having to shave. ¬†Also I’ve noticed the chest and stomach hairs are starting to thin out, though I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t have much to begin with or because of the laser treatments. ¬†Likely a combination of the above but in any case a nice change ūüôā

Kissy Face Alice Makeup Test
Kissy Face Alice Makeup Test

I’m starting to fill out my “woman’s” clothes, jeans are getting snugger in the hips/thighs and my dresses are starting to look more flattering. ¬†I could just be imagining things as it seems 2 months is a bit soon for fat redistribution to be happening. ¬†Granted the jeans I do have are junior or designed for women with less curves so maybe it’s a combination of the type of clothes and redistribution on a small scale. ¬†I’ll take it either way.¬†I’ve noticed that while my chest measurements haven’t changed the positioning of the fat has, in the middle it seems the fat has move

Looking in the mirror has not only become more tolerable but I’m beginning to like what I see staring back at me. ¬†This helps as it’s easier to get in some make up practice hehe. ¬†As you can see I’m working on trying to pull off Alice’s make up from Alice: Madness Returns in the pic hehe. ¬†The bra is padded and stuffed before anyone thinks hormones work that fast hehe.


The Odd

Emotions are still more sensitive than in the past however I’m starting to be able to better control my emotions. ¬†Although there are times now where I’m just hit with overwhelming feelings, positive or negative. ¬†It happens in both cases and I can’t figure out what are the triggers.

After the first month unwanted morning wood was a thing of the past, although I noticed it came back a few times, I assume that’s because

The Painful

Now this I’ll go with the saying “no pain, no gain” as well my chest area now gets bouts of pain and sensitivity. ¬†Especially when running up or down a set of stairs, running itself isn’t quite there yet. ¬†So while I’m learning to tolerate the pain, it’s a pain I’m enjoying as it means boobs! ¬†That said my new found sensitivity will take some getting used when it comes to how I did things in the past. ¬†Brushing stuff off my shirts now is a painful task if I’m not gent

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